Thursday, January 25, 2024

SCU First-Gen Discussion of "Solito" Memoir

 LEAD First Gen Scholars Discuss Immigration and Reasons for Leaving Home

(LEAD staff Jessica, faculty Prof. Tarnoff, students Natalia and Michelle and myself)

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet with SCU LEAD Scholars, staff and faculty to discuss this year’s SCU Reads selection “Solito” by Javier Zamora

“Solito” is a memoir about Zamora’s journey to the US from El Salvador as a nine year old traveling without his family (or “solito”) to the US as an unaccompanied, undocumented minor.

 The historical context of the book resonates with my forthcoming book’s research in that “civil wars” in Central America were the reason that many like Zamora have migrated. 

We discussed issues like the American Dream and the desire of migrants for “a better life” and how these definitions can vary depending on the situations and circumstances facing each person in their home countries.

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