Friday, February 2, 2024

2024 Shakespeare in San Quentin Workshop

 SCU First Gen and English Majors Have "Transformative" Experience

Grateful teaching moment: this past Sunday, I had the amazing experience of attending a Shakespeare workshop at San Quentin with SCU LEAD Scholars students, faculty, and staff. 

LEAD Scholars is a program for first-generation students and this workshop has been described by students as transformational because of how it helps to make the issue of mass incarceration personal and the social justice of the university meaningful.

The Shakespeare in prison program is organized by the San Marin Shakespeare company 🎭 and puts on a production of a play each year. The men we spent time with were dedicated and committed to overcoming the obstacles they’ve faced and wrong turns they’ve made. Thanks to Maura Tarnoff for organizing and my students who attended.

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