Monday, July 8, 2013

My Story in Carnival

Carnival's Volume 4 Now Available

I posted a few weeks back on my story the "El Monte Yellow Jackets" that I revised based on a story my father wrote before he died. Perhaps I was most attracted to the story because of both the subject matter dealing with a father-son relationship and the role of language in Mexican American families. Without giving too much away, loss manifests in the game of baseball, communication, and culture.

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Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association

RMMLA Oct 10-12, 2013

Just got my email notification from RMMLA about the program being available. Unfortunately, there was some confusion with my university affiliation, but I'm hoping to have that remedied before long.
This will be my first Rocky Mountain MLA, but I'm excited to get a chance to see some presentations from scholars new and familiar.


My Panel Description: