Friday, February 28, 2014

iPad Pilot Reflection Video

Multimodal Composition for FYC in LEAD Scholars Program

In both Fall 2013 and Winter 2014, I've taught a first year composition course in the LEAD scholars program for first generation college students. I came into the program in its second year and my teaching has been complicated by a collaborative syllabus that the other instructors put together in the year prior.

Below is a digital video that I composed as a reflection on these past two quarters. I touch on the themes and issues of technology, writing, education, research, and community. I plan to reflect more in traditional discursive modes that the video highlights.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Special Issue of Community Literacy Journal

Issue 8.1 -- guest-edited by Adela C. Licona & Stephen T. Russell
Adela is one of my amazing mentors at the University of Arizona and this issue comes as a result of a Ford Foundation grant that Licona and Russell wrote for youth outreach in Arizona.

* Articles
-- "Transdisciplinary and Community Literacies: Shifting Discourses and Practices through New Paradigms of Public Scholarship and Action-Oriented Research"
Adela C. Licona, Stephen T. Russell
-- "Education/Connection/Action: Community Literacies and Shared Knowledges as Creative Productions for Social Justice"
Adela C. Licona, J. Sarah Gonzales
-- "Empower Latino Youth (ELAYO): Leveraging Youth Voice to Inform the Public Debate on Pregnancy, Parenting and Education"
Elodia Villaseñor, Miguel Alcalá, Ena Suseth Valladares, Miguel A. Torres, Vanessa Mercado, Cynthia A. Gómez
-- "Addressing Economic Devastation and Built Environment Degradation to Prevent Violence: A Photovoice Project of Detroit Youth Passages"

Available through Project Muse

Monday, February 3, 2014

Featured Article in Reflections

Interview with UA Professor Emeritus Roseann Dueñas Gonzalez

In the current issue of Reflections, editors Isabel Baca and Cristina Kirklighter interview Professor Emeritus Roseann Dueñas Gonzalez. Dueñas Gonzalez was the first Mexican American woman to earn full professor status at the University of Arizona where she taught for 41 years. She founded and directed National Center for Interpretation: Testing, Research and Policy and the Agnese Haury Institute for Interpretation from 1983 to 2012.

I am extremely honored and humbled that Dueñas Gonzalez concluded her interview by mentioning the work of the students that I present in my article:

Read the full interview here:

Read more Reflections featured articles:

Or watch the digital text I composed based on my article: