Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Great Skype Session with Kenneth Walker at UT San Antonio

Skyping on Property, Citizenship, and Language with Rhetorical Theory Grad Seminar

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of skyping into Kenneth Walker's Grad course on Rhetorical Theory at the University of Texas-San Antonio. We discussed a few articles dealing with critical race theory, LatCrit and whiteness studies. 

                                                         (Dr. Walker and his seminar)

Prof. Walker's students did an excellent job of finding connections with recent events, pedagogical implications, and Foucauldian archeologies of knowledge. The seminar asked important questions about privilege and discussing segregation with people for whom it is normal; cultural appropriation and critiques of multiculturalism; and property ownership's connection to the American Dream.

Because of their location in San Antonio, we ended up speaking about Sebastian de la Cruz's performance at the NBA Finals, which Octavio Pimentel discusses in my Integral podcast episode because Pimentel writes about it in our forthcoming digital collection on race and social media.