Monday, July 16, 2012

AZ Public Media on New Start

What I've Done on My Summer Vacations

For the last three out of four summers, I've taught English as a part of the New Start Summer program for underrepresented student populations. It's continued to be one of my most rewarding teaching experiences that reminds me why it is I do what I do in addition to teaching so that I might have these kinds of opportunities.
 From the website: " The Office of Admissions at the University of Arizona welcomes a new freshman class every year. Up to 350 of those students take part in the UA's New Start summer program. The New Start summer program accommodates students for the summer, giving them a chance to get acquainted with the University of Arizona at all different levels." Visit the website:    Update (July 20, 2012): Voted on by my fellow instructors, I was awarded the Outstanding Instructor of the New Start Summer Program this past Friday at the Awards Ceremony (not so humble brag).  Hopefully a photo to come.

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