Sunday, September 16, 2012

National Attention to Tucson Mexican American Studies

Fernanda Santos Addresses Desegregation Complexity and A New Ethnic Studies

A couple colleagues of mine were interviewed in relation to this story and the future of the Mexican American Studies program here in Tucson. Santos points out the desegregation case that forces the district to implement a less-inclusive Hispanic serving program that includes services like tutoring, but she points out the lingering resentment due to the dismantling of the original, successful MAS program.

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From the story:
"Instead of classes about historical realities and the everyday experiences of Mexican-Americans, once a hallmark of the department, Ms. Figueroa’s program will offer tutoring to Hispanic students who are teetering on the edge of failure. In place of discussions about race and identity, it will recruit mentors from among Hispanic business leaders and college graduates to talk to students."