Friday, December 14, 2018

Review by Les Hutchinson of Racial Shorthand

Review of Racial Shorthand in The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics

Muchas gracias to Les Hutchinson at Michigan State University for their review of the collection I edited with Octavio Pimentel Racial Shorthand: Coded Discrimination Contested in Social Media

Quote from the review: 

We are all shaped by the racist discourses around us, and our technologies have not escaped that truth. However, just as technologies work in service of oppression and power, people of color have used the technologies we have at hand to act in resistance. This collection gives our discipline some tactics for responding to racism within technological platforms and for adapting the technologies we have at hand. As Medina and Pimentel make clear, people of color have long engaged in multimodal composition; it is past time that scholarly spaces make room for those texts. - Les Hutchinson, Michigan State University

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