Monday, December 19, 2016

Decolonizing Rhetoric and Composition: New Latinx Key Words for Theory and Pedagogy

My Chapter on the Decolonial Potential of Blogs for Latinx Academics

On Dec 16th, the new edited collection Decolonizing Rhetoric and Composition Studies: New Latinx Keywords for Theory and Pedagogywas just released. The contributors and editors to this collection are a remarkable group of scholars that address a really fascinating range of topics and issues through a variety of decolonial lenses. As I note above, my chapter examines the discussion of the trope Poch@/a/o/x by Latinx scholars in rhetoric and composition who use the blog platform, which provides decolonial potential in the ability to produce knowledge outside of dominant mechanism of publishing and knowledge authorization/distribution.

The preview on Google Books below is limited, but at least the Table of Contents is available to check out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bread Loaf Teachers Network Article

Santa Fe Spotlight: Multimodal Writing in a Digital Age

In the recent issue of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network Journal, there's a spotlight on the course I taught this past summer in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the Bread Loaf School of English. The article includes my introduction to the course along with a couple great mulitmodal pieces by Cyrus Dudgeon and Claire Abisalih. 

Below is the video created by Cyrus Dudgeon. It is a remediation of his teaching philosophy that focuses on bringing imagination and creativity into the classroom to engage students in underresourced schools. I found this video to be extremely personal and inspirational. You won't be disappointed.