Saturday, March 22, 2014

Storify from 2014 CCCC

Angela Davis, Featured Session, Award Winners, and More
Big props to 2014 CCCC chair Dr. Adam Banks for putting on the best Cs since I've been attending, and since others been attending from what I hear. It was a conference of inspiration, creativity, critical insight, collaboration, redefining, and learning about the profession and others.

                                                      (Angela Davis and I)
                                                       (NCTE Latin@ Caucus)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

College Composition and Communication Confernce 2014 coming!!!
Below is just the top 2 of 3 presentations and chairing of panels on my schedule, not to mention the caucus workshop and meeting for which I've yet to register. Also, I will be at the NCTE/CCCC Welcome Desk for all of the first-time attendees!

If you follow the hashtag #4C14, I have also volunteered to document sessions by posting pictures and tweeting from sessions. Other attendees of this year's Cs will also be tweeting from Indiana, where the theme of the conference is Open Source(s), Access, Futures, chaired by Adam Banks at the University of Kentucky.

Check out my semi-complete schedule here:

Or, search the program here:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Article in Alter/nativas Latin American Cultural Studies Journal at Ohio State

“(Who Discovered) America”: Ozomatli and the Mestiz@ Rhetoric of Hip Hop"

My favorite bit from the article's conclusion:

"The polyrhythmic drums break the beats of banda and bounce to the accordion of conjunto while social constructions of class, sexuality, and citizenship are called into question through the rhyming in time to the Afro-Cuban clave. For those who ask what is happening in hip hop, they need only roll down their windows and listen to the news coming to them from the loudspeakers cranking out tunes from a quinceañera or from the corner hip hop battle where the next Plato jots down the rhymes from the barrio Socrates who squashes sophistic MCs." (20)

From the abstract:
This article examines the rhetoric of Mexican-American hip hop through the analysis of the music by the multicultural hip hop fusion band, Ozomatli, from Los Angeles. The objective is to examine how Ozomatli performs linguistic, epistemic, and musical-rhetorical border crossing that provokes cultural and social consciousness. As a cross-cultural site of analysis, Ozomatli embodies cultural mestizaje, mestiza consciousness, and mestiz@ rhetoric that illuminates social justice issues beneath surface-level beats and rhythms. Appointed cultural ambassadors by the U.S. government, Ozomatli navigates dominant systems of power while performing music that contests hegemony. Their mestiz@ hip hop draws from diverse musical traditions like banda, cumbia, merengue, ranchera and others while addressing transnational social justice issues of immigration, inequality, and revolution.

Read the full article here:
or download the PDF:

The whole spring 2, 2014 - The Voices of Latin/o American Hip-Hop issue is online here: