Friday, October 17, 2014

Exciting Book News

Muy Chingon Profe Arturo Aldama to Write Foreword

So I posted a few weeks back about my book Reclaiming Poch@ Pop (see the Tumblr) being under contract--and this week--I got the amazing news that prolific writer and professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado will be writing the Foreword for my book. Aldama has written or edited numerous influential and important scholarly texts on decolonialism, pop culture and the many intersections among race, culture and indigeneity.

From his faculty website:
"Dr. Arturo J. Aldama, born in Mexico City and grew up in Sacramento California, serves as an Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Ethnic Studies at CU Boulder and recently served as Director of CSERA (Center for Studies in Ethnicity and Race in the Americas). He received  MA and PHD in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley in 1996. His publications include:

Selected Publications

Violence and the Body:  Race, Gender and the State Indiana University Press, 2003.
Comparative indigeneities of the Americas. Ed. Introduction (co-author) and a single author chapter in book, not a reprint on US nativism and criminalization of immigrants. University of Arizona Press, 2012. Inaugural book in Critical Indigenous Studies.
Performing the US Latino BorderlandsPrincipal Editor. Indiana University Press (2012).  Introduction and a single chapter will be published in this book."
Because my book deals with the identity of Poch@, I can't help but post a cool image from the Tumblr that posted recently to their Facebook page.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Latino Comics Expo Storify

Lalo Alcaraz, Frederick Aldama & Los Hermanos Hernandez of Love & Rockets

(Frederick Aldama & Cruz)
Today was the first of the two day Latino Comics Expo at MLK library in downtown San Jose at the SJSU campus. I attended great talks by editor Lalo Alcaraz, OSU professor Frederick Luis Aldama, and the creators of the comics Love and Rockets, los hermanos Hernandez. Read the Storify below for the live tweets from their presentations.

(Los Hermanos Hernandez)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Cornel West at Santa Clara University

On Integrity and the Will to be Critical and Unpopular for the Truth

This evening Dr. Cornel West spoke at Santa Clara University as a part of the Ignatian Center's focus on justice in their series of events. I had the chance to attend his talk in addition to a meeting he had with some faculty prior where I asked Dr. West to sign a copy of his collaboration with Keith Gilyard Composition and Cornel West: Notes toward a Deep Democracy. I live-tweeted a lot of his talk, so I put together a Storify that captures some of the Socratic problem-posing taking place--all to get at messages of remembering to love, maintain integrity even in the face of imperialism, greed and value systems that privilege smarts and money rather than wisdom and compassion.

 (Dr. West with myself and colleague)
Update--Listen to the podcast recording of the event here

CCCC 2015

Coming to Tampa Bay, Florida in March 2015

Happy to have my panel and workshop submissions accepted for this upcoming College Composition and Communication Conference. 

I'll be presenting alongside a couple mentors--one of whom will be retiring--so it'll be an occasion for intellectual community-building and celebration. More to come as I continue to draft, revise and practice these exciting presentations.