Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Costa Rica with Love...for Futbol

Back from Vacation
I'm reflecting on some issues that come up in Tourism Studies from my recent trip to Costa Rica after having taught there back in 2002. But, I feel like I can post this Nike/World Cup ad that's got my man Gael Garcia Bernal, which gives it shades of Iñárritu a la Rudu y Cursi.

Update July 1
This could be a case of life not mirroring art, or the inevitability of national teams losing even though they have an internationally known player, but The New York Times, among others, has dubbed Nike's "Write the Future" commercial a curse in this World Cup. I find myself of course leaning towards the criticism of capitalism poisoning the well of nations coming together, playing in the spirit of unity (however dangerous the ideology of nationalism can be).

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  1. I read Iñárritu actually directed this commercial. I'm glad we got to watch one of his movies. It allows me to appreciate the commercial even more.