Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Nostalgia

Cruz Medina Poem a part of César Chávez Day Programming on KXCI

July 1 Update:
There's something about Summer that makes me want to listen to music from high school--anyone else with me on that? With the fourth of July upon us, marker of time passage and reminder of fireworks past, I thought I'd re-post the link to the poem I read on KXCI as a part of their Cesar Chavez remembrance. As Victor Villanueva has said, memory is a friend, and experience is great teacher and source of knowledge, so instead of commenting on a timely piece of rhetoric in the public discourse, I turn to a fond experience during which I reminisced, remembered and reflected.  

Normally, I'll be the first to tell you that I am not a poet. But as someone in Rhet/Comp, I concede that some genres better convey certain kinds of messages. So even though I have written very few poems I would ever want to see the light of day, I had written and revised a poem over the last couple years that I read as a part of KXCI's César Chávez Day Programming.

You can hear me on the podcast recording of the day's contributors at about the 4 minute mark here:

An early post of mine on Chavez.

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