Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gov Brewer and Pres Obama "Face Off"...

Huff Post Reports Brewer and Obama Face Off over her book and immigration reform

Shout out to Bernardo Jimenez whose post on this got my attention.
Gov Brewer has been mentioned in this blog before. When I saw this story, before watching the video below, I was pleased to see the president confront the representative for AZ uber-conservative government. However, the angles in the videos leave out the still with the pointing taking place.
Watching the video opens up the ambiguity of what happens during the exchange which is described on the AZStarNet: "According to pool reporters who were present Wednesday afternoon, Obama and Brewer seemed to be talking at the same time, seemingly over each another, until he walked away in mid-sentence."

The Huff Post isn't allowing the video to embed, but you can see the raw AP footage with interesting timed cut-aways here:

Better yet, check out's take on their "Exclusive Audio" of the interaction:

NPR's story:

Lastly, internet memes can be poignant:

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