Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fear as Ideological Appeal Against "Illegal" Strawman

Shout Out to Dr. Cintli's blog for posting the link
Two Americans Documentary Coming to Tucson?

As though Joe Arpaio ( needed more reason for opponents to despise him (lawsuits pending),the trailer for this documentary called Two Americans dares audiences to think of immigration as anything more than a humanitarian issue. Ideological appeals can often be reduced down to uses of fear and desire, and the voices of conservative voters in the documentary trailer prove this by attesting to fearing the construct of the "illegal" person. The logic follows in a quote from a woman that if a person is labeled "illegal," then they are "nasty"; the same woman admits to being afraid. Whether the woman feared people of color before the "illegal" label was given to migrants can not be demonstrated, yet the label of "illegal" validates her assumptions and prejudice under the blanket of what is ethically right in the letter of the law.

Two Americans will be playing at the U of A:
Tues April 24 - 6-9pm
Integrated Learning Center Auditorium #140
University of Arizona 

A piece a former student Mercedes Galarza wrote called "Arpaio el Gallo":

Oldie, but goodie Lalo Alcaraz piece I've posted before.

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