Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watch Precious Knowledge Online Now

Expires June 8
From pbs:
"At Tucson High School, ethnic studies programs have improved graduation rates among Latino students. But some state politicians think ethnic studies promote “racial solidarity” and anti-Americanism. When books are banned and the programs eliminated, teachers and students fight back in a modern civil rights struggle."

Watch Precious Knowledge on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.
Or view at: This video is no longer available, but you can still view with others!  From Save Ethnic Studies:
Dia De La Raza - Oct. 12 Precious Knowledge House Parties
Día de la Raza, October 12, 2012, offers an opportunity for all of us throughout the nation to show the same passion and solidarity to these amazing educators and warriors for social justice. Please join myself, and thousands of other supporters, by hosting a house party of the film Precious Knowledge as a fundraiser for the Raza Defense Fund. 
Be a part of history! Register below to receive a brief informational packet on how to host a Precious Knowledge House Party. On October 12, join the fight for Mexican American Studies, for freedom of speech and our rights as Americans

En Lak Ech!

To learn more about the curriculum of Tucson's famous Mexican-American Studies program, the 93% graduation rate for their students, and the controversy surrounding the now banished classes you can online order the PRECIOUS KNOWLEDGE DVD. If you have any questions about purchasing your DVD, please contact us
WRITE TODAY! Get ready to host a Precious Knowledge House Party on October 12

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