Friday, July 29, 2016

Bread Loaf Santa Fe 2016 Video

Composing Alongside My Class

This summer, I taught a course titled Multimodal Literacy in a Digital Age that asked the members of the class to reflect on their uses of multimodal/digital technology in their reading and writing pedagogy. Members of the class wrote alphabetic texts and remediated them into first infographics, and then digital videos using iMovie. We watched as their philosophies evolved as we thought about our beliefs about using technology as we composed across different media.

Above is the video that I composed as my students composed their teaching philosophies. It highlights my experience with the program, told through some of the most emblematic voices of the program. 


Cruz Medina, Elizabeth Micci, Pam Nelson, Alfredo Lujan, Tyler Curtain

"Luz Interior" by Limbo Deluxe (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-NonDerivative):
"Gracita y tu" by Konsummerprodukt (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommericial-NonDerivative):

Interviews (in alphabetical order):
Lars Engle, Alfredo Lujan, Elizabeth Micci, Jeff Nunokawa

To learn more about the Bread Loaf School of English, click here:

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