Friday, October 21, 2016

Watch What is at Stake for Racial Justice in 2016

Video from Bannan Institute Panel

On October 5, I had the opportunity to speak with a Bannan Institute faculty collaborative on a roundtable panel, addressing the question of 'what is at stake for racial justice in 2016?' With the presidential election next month, the question particularly resonated in terms of the political rhetoric that has included xenophobia, among other demonstrative abuses of power through language. Faculty fellow Brett Solomon opened and facilitated the discussion, and Anthony Hazard and William O'Neil S.J. provided excellent insights into the nuances and complexities of the issue at this historical moment. 

What Is at Stake for Racial and Ethnic Justice in 2016? Stronger Together, Making America Great Again
Brett Johnson Solomon, 
Anthony Hazard, 
Cruz Medina, 

& William O'Neill S.J.

Learn more about this Faculty Collaborative: 

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