Thursday, December 14, 2017

Student Podcast on Basic Writing in the Digital Age

Featuring an Interview with Yours Truly

The following podcast was composed by Sanah Imran, who was a student in my Introduction to Writing Studies undergraduate course this Fall. For her final project, she composed a podcast on basic writing and the use of multimodal composing because of her background as a multilingual speaker and her Engineering major.

Sanah began researching basic writing and coming up with a literature review. From her literature review, she created a survey that I distributed on the Facebook page for the Council of Basic Writers, and I believe that she had some 40 or so responses by very generous instructors of basic writing who responded to her survey. From these responses, she prepared questions for our interview based on my work in the University of Arizona's award-winning basic/developmental writing program.

Sanah Imran is an Electrical Engineering major and English minor, as well as a recipient of SCU's Presidential Scholarship.

To read more about Sanah's project, visit the ePortfolio she composed for the course:


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