Thursday, March 28, 2019

Social Media Panel

It slipped my mind, but I wanted to note a great panel that I was able to take part in with Profs Shannon Vallor of the Communications Department and Danielle Morgan of the English Department on social media activism online. My own research has looked at linguistic diversity online, and I learned a great amount from my co-panelists from both their research and experiences taking part and observing social activism online. Danielle Morgan's writing for on confederate monuments brought unwanted attention online, while Shannon Vallor has written and researched widely on the intersection of technology and ethics.

(Swig Resident Advisor, Shannon Vallor, Danielle Morgan, and myself)

Flyer for the event
The event was all the way back in November 2018, which can feel like a lifetime ago, so I consider myself lucky to have remembered to note this great event, although anyone reading these posts will see some anachronism. 

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