Sunday, May 2, 2010

Conference & Marching in South Arizona

New Directions in Critical Theory

This year's conference this past weekend was amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I presented at one panel and moderated another. At the panel I moderated on the GEAR UP writing centers in local high schools, I had the pleasure of Walter Mignolo sitting in the audience as I facilitated a lively discussion.
I like this particular picture because the teachers decided that they didn't want to speak from behind the table during the round-table discussion. Although as more nerves were struck through the course of discussion, I told the panel speakers, "That's why you want the table between you and the audience." At the same time, the empty row in the front there doesn't accurately depict the audience of high school teachers, librarian, college English teachers, administrators and members from the Latino Caucus present.(Caucus members Enrique, Andy, myself, Damian with Paul Espinosa)

Other highlights and speakers from the conference included Paul Espinosa's showing of his PBS film The Border, the trailer of the Dos Vatos documentary Precious Knowledge, and keynote speaker Walter Mignolo's discussion of decoloniality.

(Caucus members Andy, Aja, myself and Enrique with Walter Mignolo)
In the future, I hope to post more on the documentary Precious Knowledge because Dos Vatos are so close to having it completed, but still need to raise funds. I will also elaborate on Mignolo's discussion as well the Saturday March in Tucson against SB1070 that I participated in.

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