Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Nonsense

Monty Python & the Ad hoc, non-sequitor logical fallacy
There's something very summery about Monty Python--before TiVo and On-Demand TV, you had to fill summer TV watching with either strange movie recommendations from friends or settle with Golden Girls, Cheers and other re-runs. So it also happened to coincide that the summer between freshmen and sophomore year when I was exposed to the learned, and/or acquired taste of Monty Python.

I was thinking that I some how wanted to work Monty Python in as an example of ad hoc that which does not follow logically after one another. The Deus ex machina of the foot coming out of the sky provides its own kind of non-sequencial logic; yet, the ending of Holy Grail came to mind because of the anachronistic, meta conscious recognition of the film at the end of the film.

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