Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dis proposal ideas

Blog as Idea Board

In the class I teach this semester, I made blogs a requirement as a part of the research component. Having to do a bit with how this blog originated, I ask that the blog document the research and sources of a controversy. With that in mind, I can't help but make some mention of the ideas I've been working with as I've been outlining my dissertation proposal.

The subject of academic identity for Latin@ students interests me. My experience working on the GEAR UP grant here in Tucson and summers teaching a bridge course for underrepresented student populations has exposed me to a diverse representation of student stances towards school.

If you look at the picture next to my profile, it is pictograph of the calmecac or school for Aztec children (often nobility, but I (re)imagine it in an inclusive concept). Courses I've had on the rhetoric of the Americas before the Conquest has given me a generative epistemology for connecting with the field of composition and rhetoric. For that reason, I have been working with the Aztec/Nahua figure of the pochteca.

Pacific Lutheran University has a nice website discussing the pochteca that has been a good point of departure:

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