Friday, April 29, 2011

A More Nuanced Ethnic Studies Narrative

Tucson Ethnic Studies Lawyer Speaks to Board Member
From the Arizona Public Media website:
"TUSD governing board member Mark Stegeman and attorney Richard Martinez, who is representing, join the studio to discuss the ongoing quagmire."
The choice of the word "quagmire" by Arizona Public Media seems to demonstrate some unsettling bias.

See the website:

When Playing the Game Fails and Politicians Dismiss Rational Discourse
This came after the TUSD board meeting take over:

Tucson Teachers' Press Conference Ignored
Opponents want to argue that the Ethnic Studies program breeds civil uprising, but few paid attention to the teachers' press conference earlier this week. Here's a clip from one of the earlier press conferences that receives little attention because it does not feed into the salacious narrative in the media, which perpetuates and preys upon public fear.

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