Friday, October 5, 2012

Tucson Weekly Story About Event Tonight

Banned Authors Reading During Hispanic Heritage Month
This is an article from the Tucson Weekly about an event I'll be attending this evening. I've had the chance to hear Munoz speak a couple times, and he's a great speaker, so I'm looking forward to seeing him with both Sandra Cisneros and Helena Viramontes.

From the article,
"The theme of this year's Banned Books Week is "Liberating Literature." The three authors will address literature as a tool to learn about our diverse cultural surroundings, and how having access to a variety of ideas strengthens us. Muñoz hopes the event will make people more aware of the empowering nature of books."

See the rest of the article at:

Manuel Munoz's Zigzagger
Sandra Cisneros House on Mango Street
Helena Viramontes The Moths and Other Stories

An article in Spanish about the event by Munoz and Adela C. Licona:

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