Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Never Too Early...

...To Think About CCCC 2013
Regarding CCCC 2013, I got this postcard/flyer in my email that I thought I'd post. Hope to see y'all in Las Vegas, where 'what happens while we're there' becomes experiential knowledge when made sense of and mediated through narration, ha!

This may sound like a silly title and subtitle, however, I have actually been giving serious thought to my CCCC presentation, tweaking a digital story to go along with my written presentation. Fortunately, the digital storytelling I'm experimenting with stems from a small-scope narrative coming out in the Sept 2013 Special Issue of CCC on the profession, so the narrative is not from whole-cloth.

Still, the piece is personal narrative, so there are rhetorical considerations as to how much I want to express, and the genre of digital storytelling adds the additional questions of modality in terms of which media do I want to employ to communicate my message. One of the major advantages of the genre that I've noted from my research is the ability to add voice to narratives that are traditionally silenced, although there is something bare and exposed about recording voice to accompanying images.

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