Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Prezi Rhetorically Analyzing Memes

Familiar Symbols, Embedded Assumptions, and Illogical Enthymemes

Some of the material I have posted on memes previously has found its way into a Prezi I put together to teach the rhetorical analysis of visual rhetoric.

Of the more salient points I make during the presentation have to do with how potentially prejudicial assumptions about race, class, and gender transmit through images juxtaposed with seemingly logical arguments that are little more than enthymemes with embedded ideological assumptions communicated in so-called established "universal truth," which results in many times offensive punchline arguments.

For examples of the more offensive and prejudicial messages transmitted through the visual images and discourse, see the Don Draper and Mexico's national sport memes.

I think the next stage in the revision of this Prezi would either include the transfer to video format with actual narration, or at the very least the inclusion of more text to further analyze the images for an audience not listening to the actual presentation.

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