Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vine on My Mind

6 Second Video & in-Cell Phone Editing

For a few weeks I've heard some mention of Vine, a free app for Apple and Android. It's been described as a moving-instragram of sorts. Users touch the screen to catch video images that add up to 6 seconds and play in a GIF-like loop.

I launched a preemptive apology to my Twitter follows that I would no doubt be posting short Vine videos ranging from toddler action sequences to Tucson Book Festival footage and CCCC 2013.
Tuscon Festival of Books Vines:

Set up:

Brief tour (with guest appearance by one of my students):

Of the course the question for educators will no doubt become: how can I use this in the classroom? Or does this have a pedagogical application? For starters, I could see it as a place to show quick steps for a process-oriented assignment, although 6 seconds comes and goes a bit quick for a substantial communication of information--it might work for repeating an assignment or adding a quick message, though I'm not sure if it would replace Twitter for messaging.

Requisite Cat Vine:

After all, the internet was invented for the posting of cat-related content (the message is indeed the medium).

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