Monday, May 6, 2013

Academia de Cruz Medina Updates

So, I am realizing that I have not posted anything since March, and so much has happened that I should post/update because this blog tends to be more up to date than my website.

First things first, I can "stop acting like a grad student" as the saying goes because I defended and passed my dissertation on April 10th. All of the accumulating paperwork has been submitted, minor revisions have been made, and I even got the forms for graduation turned in. Formal hooding is Thursday and I walk Saturday, May 11th.

Post-graduation, I will a Postdoctoral Fellow at Santa Clara University, where I will be teaching as a part of their LEAD program, in addition to getting to focus on some research projects. Soon it will be goodbye Southern Arizona (and your crazy politics), and hello Bay Area! I will miss professors, colleagues, and former students at the University of Arizona, and I am extremely excited about what lies ahead at Santa Clara University where I will be working with some great scholar-educators and amazing students.


  1. Felicidades! I know your academic future is bright!

    Califas sez WELCOME!

    Memo Nericcio