Sunday, August 25, 2013

Started Tumblrng

Branching Out to Additional Media Platforms

Just started a Tumblr at It relates to a writing project that I'm working on and that I'm super excited about. Something about Tumblr has lured me over to creating a new media object for this project so that I might continue to update ideas I'm collecting, though perhaps not give as much attention to the writing of as I might a blog post--I'm thinking a cross between Twitter and Blog.

Tumblr seems much more geared towards images in the way that Twitter is dedicated to concise messages that  present persuasive reflections of reality. One of the themes or trends/characteristics of Tumblr I'm noting is emphasis on pop culture mash-ups.

Some of the favs I've enjoyed include the following. I'm sure they're not new for most of y'all, if only because I've definitely referenced both the Kanye and Coach Taylor tumblrs in a previous post on memes.

The above meme is from the Tumbr:

Not academic, but amusing:

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