Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Flier for 4C 2015 in Tampa, FL

'Cruz Medina to Speak at National Conference'

It'll be hard to beat last year's conference where I spoke at a featured session, got a picture with Angela Davis, and had a great conversation about a book idea. But I'm sure going to try. It might very well appear that I'm over-committed to speak at this #4C15, but I'm really looking forward to all of these sessions, especially the panel below where I will be presenting alongside a couple mentors of mine Drs. Cristina Kirklighter and Octavio Pimentel. I will be presenting on my book Reclaiming Poch@ Pop: Examining the Rhetoric of Cultural Deficiency.

And you can't attend a conference without volunteering a bit of service to the national convention, especially because I really enjoy chairing panels. All the pressure is off me as presenter, and I get to ask questions to get the Q&A portion going.
 Lastly, one of my absolute favorite parts of NCTE/CCCC that I am the most excited about is the NCTE/CCCC Latina/o Caucus workshop, where new and seasoned scholars get together to talk about their work and engage with a local community organization.

Highlights from #4C14
 (Angela Davis and I)

 (NCTE/CCCC Latina/o Caucus)

(From my featured panel with Natasha Jones and Octavio Pimentel)

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