Saturday, April 22, 2017

UTEP RSA Spring Symposium

UTEP, a Bhutan Temple, and My Keynote

The Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) at the University of Texas, El Paso had their Spring Symposium this past Friday, and I was extremely honored to have been invited to be the keynote speaker. Below are some great photos with the UTEP faculty, my talk, the campus, and a short Storify of tweets and links about the event.

(Photo credit: Isabel Baca, w/UTEP faculty)

UTEP RWS professor Laura Gonzales took this great picture from my talk where I was citing Angela Haas' work on decolonialism (and where I also borrowed a slide design from Danielle DeVoss).

(Photo credit: Laura Gonzales)

It was my first time on the UTEP campus where I learned about the Bhutanese influence on the architecture and exchange of students and cultural artifacts.

(Bhutan temple on UTEP plaza)

Lucia Dura gave me a tour of El Paso that included an overlook of the school and Ciudad Juarez.

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