Thursday, April 18, 2019

2019 CCCC Pittsburgh

CCCC 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA
March 12-16 was the College Composition and Communication Conference, where I was most excited to present with my undergraduate research assistant Perla Luna, who presented with me on a panel related to my research on the NCTE/CCCC Latinx Caucus Bibliography.

(Me with Enrique Reynoso and Perla Luna SCU grad '19)

Asao Inoue CCCC 2019 Chair's Address

Below is the video of Asao Inoue's Chair's Address, which sparked some debate and discussion on the WPA listserv that prompted some discussion about the future of the listserv, its purpose, and how it is being used.

On Friday evening, I had the pleasure of co-chairing the NCTE/CCCC Latinx Caucus business meeting (photo below.) We had a wonderful turnout for the business meeting, where members of the caucus new and experienced came, met, and ideally found other folks interested in similar research, teaching practices, or community issues.

My co-chair Christina Cedillo did an excellent job addressing some of the relevant issues that arose at this year's Cs and we worked together to spread the awareness of calls for papers (CFPs) and forthcoming publications by members of the caucus (see the covers below of books I picked up while there). 

(SCU faculty Amy Lueck, Denise Krane, Julia Voss, Heather Turner, and Matt  Gomes at CCCC 2019)

Picked up some new books while I was there (click covers for Amazon link):
Rhetorics Elsewhere is a collection that includes contributions by scholars identifying rhetorical practices outside of those traditionally included in classical rhetorical study.

Raul Sanchez's new book continues his work as what Jaime Mejia describes as being "a monster theorist," looking at new ways of considering texts. 

On the Wednesday of the conference, the Latinx caucus workshop hosted Latino Community organizations.

This CCCC was also an opportunity to honor, Felipe de Ortego y Gasca, one of the founders of the Latinx Caucus who recently passed.

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