Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"El Machete" as Talking Point

Lining Up to Buy Tickets

It's hard to believe that this trailer has been out since Cinco de Mayo and I've only just now seen it. What I hope is that El/The Machete takes on a Zoot Suit Pechuco-like status, a cultural symbol to rally around, if you will; hopefully the kitsch factor will outweigh representations in the film that inspire criticism. The representation of El Machete as an exoticized 'other' should be pointed out, with all of the over-sexualized "he gets the ladies" trappings of the person of color should be noted; yet, the Jessica Alba character seems to have a character arch that reflects the enlightening of a close-minded, self-hating Latina who becomes empowered all the while Machete goes after Brewer/Arpaio types.

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