Monday, July 19, 2010

Scabs Crossing the Picket Lines

Barbados-born, English and Canadian Musicians Ignore AZ Boycott

Apparently Rihanna's umbrella isn't connected to a picket sign; after low sales in Joe Arpaio's neck of Maricopa county, Rihanna moves her concert to Tucson, ignoring the boycott of musicians like Kanye and Zach De La Rocha of AZ due to SB 1070.

After Elton John sang at Rush Limbaugh's wedding (, personal politics don't seem to sway the Rocket Man as much as capital. As Meth and the Wu put it, John's motto might very well be: Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM, get the money, dollar, dollar bills y'all.

I'm not hip enough to know the New Pornographers, but I imagine they could fall into this category on Stuff White People And everyone seems to know that Robert Plant can't hit any high notes anymore, but that shouldn't cloud his judgment. In the rhetoric of the right: What part of Boycott don't they understand?

Something tells me that these foreign born (un)documented migrant laborers won't have to show their documents before taking their respective stages. Tucson is a small market town that doesn't get very many Top 40 headline acts, but this is hardly a reason to condone SB 1070 by ignoring the boycott. Concertgoers, what's your price?

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