Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art by Xico Gonzalez

Artist's Statement

According to the Artist :

"I create art to empower and to provide a voice for my community.  In addition, art is how I express my inner thoughts, the ideologies that I have embraced, the solidarity that I have with communities around the world, and most of all, through the arts I express who I am as a person: an individual that believes and works for justice and equality."

Xico's biography:
"Xico González is an educator, artist, poet, and a political and cultural activista based in Sacramento, CA.  Xico’s work contributes to the long dialogue of art, activism and the legacy of the Chicano Movement.  Brash, evocative, and never shy, González’s art is an intellectual and emotional provocative experience, showcasing the way art and civil-rights activism merge to move communities to action.  Xico currently teaches in the Department of Chicana & Chicano Studies at the University of California, Davis."

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