Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Year Showcase at UA Grand Ballroom

 Below are pictures taken at the First Year Visual Spatial Showcase at the University of Arizona's Grand Ballroom. Participants include students in Rhetorical Analysis courses from all majors across the university.

Many students presented videos and power point presentation for which they recorded audio and uploaded to youtube. I'll be sure to post links or embed student videos coming (upon consent of the students of course).

 From Chris Minnix's website, the background of the showcase:
"Background: Beginning last year, we opened the First Year Writing Showcase up to instructors in English 102. The showcase was previously an Honors Showcase. In the Spring of 2008, 233 students presented their work and viewed the work of their fellow students. By the Spring of 2009, the Showcase had grown to over 400 students. In addition, we opened the showcase up to the public and had visitors from the English Department and a few from other Departments. The event is advertised in UA News (UA Now), the Daily Wildcat, and through posters placed around campus and throughout many different academic departments. It is designed to showcase the innovative rhetorical skills of our students, as they transform their arguments into visual-spatial arguments. In this sense, the showcase serves as an opportunity for the U of A community to develop a better understanding of how literacy and writing are changing and how our students are adapting to these changes."

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See more photos of Showcases past:

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