Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tex[t]-Mex Strikes Back: Star War Loteria

Return of the Rascuache Aesthetic: Star Wars Gets the Loteria Treatment

How many puns on Star Wars titles can I come up with? Let's just hope it stops before los ositos Ewok get involved. On SDSU Prof. William Nericcio's Tex[t]-Mex blog, he posted this loteria of Star Wars that he points out having procured from Ph.D. Carlos Amador, UT Austin--a copy of a copy of a simulacra indeed. A testimony to the mainstream recognition of the loteria template, or proof that the Star Wars mythos extends beyond the limits of popular culture that it is enmeshed in non-hegemonic cultural artifacts?

The good news is that yes, Mexican Americans actually make it into space (see Edward James Olmos below.)
Sure, Olmos has made it into the future before, but that was when he was more of a cyber-vato, leaving origami in his wake like some kind of multi-cultural-without-discernible-ethnicity 'Other.'

A clear jpg of the loteria in the screenshot above:

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