Friday, February 13, 2009

Hermosillo, Sonora Tour of Schools

One Week Later

It's hard to believe that it's already been a week since visiting six schools in Hermosillo. I'm working on a reflection about it that I might have to post as a P.S. to some of the pictures I'm posting.
My professor Anne-Marie Hall furnished me with a great deal of these pictures, so I have to say thank you for both coordinating/facilitating the entire trip with the Sonora secretary of Education, as well as for these many great pictures.
Normal School: Where Kindergarten & Primary School Teachers are Taught

Centro de los Maestros: a virtual classroom for working teachers
This kind of classroom would seem to raise questions about developing a pedagogy that not only allows, but supports this kind of technology.

Mural in the Hermosillo Capital Building--with a quote from Bernardino de Sahagún

The representative from the Department of Education helped us get a closer look at the govenor's office--we even had a chance to see him for a short moment.Aja Secondary Public School
Whenever I have a bad day, I'm just going to think about these kids...

My year of having taught third grade in Costa Rica pays off as I ask students their names, ages, grades & favorite sports.
(some of the kids even followed our group to the van to say goodbye...this is after a little boy asked to sing for us, making the majority of our group tear up)

Padre Kino's mausoleum is located near where this picture was taken
Another of the PhD candidates in the course made a great point that all of our first year composition students should have to come down--I agree, but it might just be because I want to go back myself.

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