Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Directions Conference University of Arizona

End of the Conference Season

Even though I'm still putting together a potential panel at the 4Cs based on New World Rhetoric, I have my last panel presentation Friday at the New Directions Conference.

It's bitter sweat of course, although I'll be presenting on a peer-editing as New Media DJ exercise that I put together based on Jeff Rice's "Hip Hop-Pedagogy" (a discussion Hillary Danz takes up) in his Rhetoric of the Cool.

Using this framework in my classes helps because a lot of students identify with Hip-hop as being a part of their culture, and something that they feel comfortable talking about when it comes to commutation, appropriation, non-linearity, imagery & chora (often referred to as swagger.)

It doesn't hurt to start the class period with a little Dead Prez to set the mood...

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