Sunday, September 29, 2013

Instructional Writing Videos

Explain Everything App Assignment with iPad Project

In the past, I noted that there was a story about the skills desired by employers with regard to writing and technology--one such skill was the ability to create instructional videos. This assignment, which was created by Rob Michaelski for the LEAD teaching collaborative, begins to anticipate the digital writings skills asked of students.

In the pedagogical spirit of merging the want and desires of students for their writing and the motivation to integrate digital writing into my teaching, I asked students to create video presentations using the Explain Everything App in the course I teach that is a part of a programmatic iPad project.

Here is the test video I created to direct students to OWL Purdue's MLA formatting guide. It's too long, there is too much text on each slide, and I have pointed this out to students as a 'what not to do.'

Below are a few examples of the videos created by students after one class working-period following one instructional session.

Dangling Modifier by Jennifer and Saron

Affect vs. Effect by Daisy and Jesus

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