Monday, June 30, 2014

ASU Professor Ore in CNN Interview

In Her Own Words

In the fallout of media coverage regarding Dr. Ore's treatment by ASU Police Officer Stewart Ferrin, many have argued that the video on its own demonstrates that Dr. Ore is at fault for not showing ID. The fallacy of this flawed logic often has to do with the speaker of privilege never finding themselves in the context where they will be the audience for this kind of abuse of power and antagonism. To further avoid speaking behalf of the police video that has been taken out of context, I am posting a video below of Dr. Ore speaking for herself about the incident as opposed to engaging in polemic discussions with audiences whose ideological biases do not allow them to empathize with the inhumane treatment of others.

In addition to signing the petition for Dr. Ersula Ore, please also consider sending direct email to the leadership of ASU: President Michael Crow ( and Provost Robert Page (

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  1. I am so impressed on how you've covered the news on Dr. Ersula Ore. Social media is so important to get the word out.

    Cristina Kirklighter

  2. Arizona is the new South Carolina.