Saturday, June 28, 2014

Video Shows Excessive Force Used Against ASU Professor

Even with Video Proof, Arizona State University Shirks Responsibility to Faculty

The excessive force used against Dr. Ore detailed in the Statement regarding this incident is enough to validate any stereotypes about Arizona polices inhumane treatment of people of color, demonstrated by Sheriff Arpaio's human rights violations. However, the culpability falls on the shoulders of the good people who stand by and allow for these injustices to be perpetrated. Maybe because "corporations aren't people," the administration at the Arizona State University can hide behind the veil of the institution and claim ignorance to the civil rights violations carried out by Officer Stewart Ferrin.

By ignoring the racial-profiling and excessive force of Officer Ferrin, ASU condones this kind of treatment as status quo for the culture of inequality on campus and in surrounding Maricopa County.


“ASU authorities have reviewed the circumstances surrounding the arrest and have found no evidence of inappropriate actions by the ASUPD officers involved. Should such evidence be discovered, an additional, thorough inquiry will be conducted and appropriate actions taken."

ASU's response, or lack thereof, communicates the message that the police have the right to profile as long as they claim an excuse like "obstruction of a thoroughfare," even if that means that they caused you to stop in the middle of crossing said thoroughfare.

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