Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Anti-Mexico Rhetoric as Conservative Political Strategy

Unknown Conservative Aligning with Xenophobia for Political Gain

The video below is a recent ad that's made the rounds in online Latino media (Latino Rebels, @Eyegiene) where it's been called out for riding the coat tails of Trump's anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric that NPR showed is popular with white supremacist groups.

As someone interested in cultural rhetorics, I've been asked if the different consciousness-raising rallies have been necessary in terms of drawing attention to the experiences of people of color across campuses. Not only do I believe these rallies are necessary because I know students involved in this activism, but also because of political ads like this one by unknown conservative hopeful Pape that demonstrate how a "silent majority" continues to espouse and normalize discrimination, thereby upholding institutional racism that negatively affects campus cultures.

Of course I can't simply have this sad attempt at mis-representing Latinos without a bit of Lalo Alcaraz's political satire to make light of what is a dark underbelly of political ideology. The action-reaction of political theater that unfortunately has impacts on the material lives of those treated as subjects or hot-button topics for ideological-appeals to audiences trained to fear the "Other."

For more on the political cartoons of Lalo Alcaraz, see my book Reclaiming Poch@ Pop:

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