Thursday, April 15, 2010

Be Healthy

It's especially hard this time of year with papers to write and grade, but perhaps a better reason to be reminded of healthy practices...
(Reposted from a message from Dr. Cintli)

Running or walking April 24

"Please let me know if you will be running on April 24 at 6:30 a.m. from A Mountain to El RIo Neighborhood Center -- in support of the Ultimate Food Fight. A Walk will also take place from Joaquin Murrietta at 7 a.m. to El RIo Neighborhood Center. (picture from UA News)

My students have made some awesome T-Shirts for April 24. This is to bring awareness to the obesity, diabetes & heart disease (including cancer) crises among the Mexican-Indigenous communities in. Southern Arizona. If you believe you might want a T-Shirt, please let me know. Because we need to raise a few funds, we will be selling the T-Shirts for $25 each.

You can see a mock-up of the T-shirt in the story (it's an excellent story) re The Ultimate Food Fight at UA NEWS at:
Also, please see attached flyers (In Spanish or English). Please post, forward, or create an event on Facebook, etc...

If you would like to contribute or participate in any way, please do so and if you have a question, please write/call.

Again, if you believe you may run or walk -- which will send out a powerful message -- please let me know so those planning can make appropriate accomodations. If all goes right, this will become an annual event as these crises are not going away. My students have learned that while they are here to stay, the diseases and health conditions can be prevented by good healthy eating and that we don't need to sacrifice taste for health & nutrition."

The theme of promoting healthy eating habits reminds me of the Dead Prez song "Be Healthy", not like I ever need an excuse to listen to some and M-1.

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