Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If I Lived in Columbus, OH...

...I Would Attend Frederick Luis Aldama's ReadAloud
(reposted from Hot Off the Press blog)
ReadAloud Special : Latino Comics Program in Thompson Library Room 130
April 13, 2010 4-5 pm
Professor Aldama will be discussing his work by and about Latinos in comics and graphic novels-mainstream and alternative-that appears his book, Your Brain on Latino Comics. He will lecture on mainstream comic book representations of Latino superheroes from the late 1970s till today as well as how Latino author/artists working today use the visual and verbal elements of the comic book medium to affect the cognitive and emotional responses of their readers.Frederick Luis Aldama is Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor of English at the Ohio State University where he uses the tools of narratology and research in the cognitive- and neuro- sciences in his teaching and scholarship on Latino and Postcolonial literature, film, and comic books. He is the editor of five collections of essays and author of seven books, including most recently A User’s Guide to Post-colonial and Latino Borderland A User’s Guide to Post-colonial and Latino Borderland Fiction.

I've posted on Aldama's recent book Your Brain on Latino Comics, but most recently I've been looking at his A User's Guide to Postcolonial and Latino Borderland Fiction. Aldama writes that User's Guide is the "third installment in this unofficial trilogy", including Brown on Brown and Postethnic Narrative Criticism. It also just so happens I was looking at a chapter in his 2008 Why the Humanities Matter as a supplemental part of a seminar on literacy and the decline of the humanities--the chapter on "The 'Cultural Studies Turn'" and the emphasis on L.A. gang life in Brown studies gets back to questions of representation, but also points out the link to the fascination of working class youth in revolt by British researchers of culture.

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