Saturday, April 10, 2010

Online Slideshows: Useful or Tacky

Integrating New Media

Interested in the use of new media for the purposes of information dissemination, I've been taking it upon myself to become more familiar with different mediums (because they are the message?) With the book publication GEAR UP is doing with Tucson schools, I've recently had to become familiar with InDesign to perform some amateur typesetting, but I was also curious about the creation of new media object using existing media objects we already use. I embedded a slideshow of art work incorporating the notion of Nepantilism, which motivated me to upload presentations I've done in the past as a way of creating new media subjects from past objects, made new in a novel medium.

I'm pasting the link because I think the medium for now is more interesting that than the message. However, the large number of advertisements that the host site displays leave me conflicted about whether this particular means of spreading information doesn't unintentionally simultaneously disseminate a dominant capitalist discourse?

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